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Platinum Hot Tub Movers Makes Moving Hot Tubs in Buford a Breeze with New Guide
Wednesday, April 24th 2024, 10:35 AM

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Your Hot Tub Like a Pro

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BUFORD, GA—Buford hot tub owners face a common concern during a move: how to safely transport their relaxation spot to their new home. Platinum Hot Tub Movers, North Georgia’s trusted hot tub moving expert, presents a detailed guide to help residents achieve a hassle-free hot tub relocation.

This informative guide, titled "Move Your Hot Tub Like a Pro: The Buford Resident's Ultimate Guide," is a step-by-step breakdown of everything Buford residents need to know to prepare their hot tubs for relocation. The guide offers useful information to local hot tub owners on scheduling, permits, draining, cleaning, and secure transportation. It helps them decide between moving the hot tub themselves or hiring a professional hot tub mover.

"This guide is our way of helping out Buford residents by providing the knowledge and list of tools needed to ensure their hot tub reaches its new home safely, all set to keep bringing years of relaxation and enjoyment," shares Reid Bailey from Platinum Hot Tub Movers.

The key parts of the hot tub moving process discussed in the guide, includes:

  • Planning and Preparation:
    • Scheduling the move for a clear day to avoid weather-related damage
    • Obtaining any necessary permits from Buford's municipality, especially if the move involves public spaces
    • Assessing the hot tub's size, weight, and accessibility to determine the moving strategy
  • Gathering the Necessary Supplies:
    • Having the right tools on hand, including hoses, pumps, safety gear, moving blankets, and screwdrivers, ensures a smooth process
  • Draining, Disconnecting, and Cleaning:
    • Safe draining procedures and proper disconnection of plumbing and electrical connections are crucial for preventing damage during transport.
    • The guide emphasizes the importance of cleaning and sanitizing the hot tub for a fresh start in the new location.
  • Preparing for Transport:
    • The guide offers detailed instructions for DIY hot tub moving (for smaller, lighter models) , highighting the importance of using a moving dolly or furniture sliders, lifting straps, and enlisting a strong support team for safe lifting and loading.
  • Setting Up Your Hot Tub at Your New Location:
    • The guide concludes with essential steps for setting up the hot tub in the new Buford residence, including proper placement, reassembly, refilling, and chemical balancing.

Platinum Hot Tub Movers: Experts in Buford Hot Tub Relocation

While the guide empowers Buford residents with a DIY approach, Platinum Hot Tub Movers recognizes that some may prefer a professional touch.

"Our expert team is here to make hot tub moving in Buford stress-free," owner, Reid Bailey assures Buford residents. "Hot tub owners can trust that we are equipped with specialized dollies, cranes, and the know-how to guarantee a safe, efficient move that minimizes the risk of damage and injury."

About Platinum Hot Tub Movers

Located 36 minutes from Buford City Hall, Platinum Hot Tub Movers, LLC is a family-owned business based in Jefferson, Georgia, specializing in the delivery, relocation, and disposal of hot tubs, swim spas, and saunas. For over a decade, they’ve been providing various hot tub and swim spa services, such as hot tub moving, swim spa moving, sauna installations and moves, and hot tub valet services, to residents in Buford, and the rest of North and Central Georgia.  Readers interested in learning more about Platinum Hot Tub Movers are invited to check out the company’s article on the advantages of moving hot tubs during December.

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